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First Air offer a range of installation services and with over 20 years of experience installing air conditioning can provide you with the correct system every time.
Whether it's too hot or too cold, air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient ways to control temperature.
Before a quote is provided a site survey is carried out to determine:
  • The dimensions of the space to be installed in
  • The heat load within the space such as: computer equipment, machinery, occupants and orientation
  • Future use of space i.e: more staff and computers or new machines
A bespoke quote based on all the information we gathered will then be provided.
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Our experienced F-Gas registered engineers will then provide a quality installation of your new equipment; answer any questions you may have and carry out a demonstration.
First Air UK Ltd guarantee only the highest quality service and with business and approved contractor partnerships with Daikin and Mitsubishi you can be assured you will receive a quality product every time.
Up to 5 year warranties are offered on installed systems from First Air UK Ltd so you can rest easy knowing your new systems are covered.
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Whether you have had a new installation from First Air UK Ltd or just require an annual maintenance agreement to service your air conditioning, we can ensure that the following conditions are met:

Your Health and Safety Obligations

We clean and disinfect air filters and coils, check electrical and refrigerant connections and ensure systems are operating safely.

We pay as much attention to the bits you don't see as the bits you do!

Minimise Breakdowns

Having regular maintenance can help to identify problems before they develop into serious faults.

Blocked filters can lead to bigger issues like water leaks, blocked evaporator coils and fan motor failure so regular maintenance is key to long lasting systems.

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Extended Warranties on New Systems

By taking out a planned maintenance agreement you are able to take advantage of the extended warranties on offer (depending on brand) from units supplied and installed by us as long as the annual agreement is in place from date of commissioning.


Annual Environmental Audit

It is a requirement now to have leak checks carried out for any systems that produce 5 or more tonnes of Co2 equivalent. This is particularly important if you have an environmental policy in place. At First Air we undertake this automatically as part of the annual service agreement. We are also registered as upper tier waste carriers by the Environment Agency (Registered No: CBDU104221) and are able to carry reclaimed refrigerants off to be destroyed.

For more information on F Gas leak check requirements please visit here.


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Repair Service

Water Leak?  Bad Smells?  Noisy?  Not Cooling?  Gas Leak?

With over 20 years in business, First Air are well placed to provide a speedy and efficient service and can repair almost all problems with the exception of R22 units.

We understand that a faulty air conditioning system can mean an uncomfortable environment so we understand the importance of providing a quick response.


Whether it is a server room system that has faulted, open offices, schools, industrial premises or even your own residential system, we have the tools to repair it.

Most problems can be repaired the same day however gas leaks or replacement parts will take longer to rectify properly.

If you are having problems with your air conditioning system/s you should get them checked out immediately to prevent any further potential damage occurring.

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We are committed to repairing any problem however big or small. You can always count on First Air to commit until the problem has been fixed.

We have relationships with most manufacturers and can usually source most parts that may need replacing on your systems and in many cases we can also find alternatives as a replacement for parts that may not be available anymore.

Get in touch with us today if you're experiencing any issues with your air conditioning systems and we will endeavour to get your problem solved in a timely manner.

Registered Address:
Unit 15 Alliance Close, Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate, Nuneaton, CV11 6SD. Registered in England and Wales - Company Registration No: 03566786